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Toby Simkin 先生,是在全球一级商业剧院及相关剧院制作和营销领域,拥有超过 35 年屡获殊荣的经验,获得多个百老汇(纽约)和伦敦西区(伦敦)Tony®&Olivier 奖项以及国际音乐巡回演出和活动的联合制作人。

此外,Toby 先生也在20世纪90年代初期,就将百老汇戏剧业引入互联网领域, 至今也组织营销已超过 150 项百老汇演出。

Toby Simkin 先生目前主要定居于上海,Toby Simkin’s Broadway Entertainment, LLC 董事长;担任 Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment, LLC 的高级副总裁兼执行制作人;TML Enterprises Pty Ltd 亚洲区执行副总裁;沈途彬商务谘询(上海)有限公司董事长。

若有相关于戏剧、表演内容和剧院场地等讯息或疑问皆可谘询。 有关详细信息,


Over 35 years award-winning experience in production & marketing of commercial 1st class theatre and associated theatre venues globally. Co-Producer of multiple Tony® & Olivier award-winning Broadway (New York) & West End (London) shows, along with international musical show tours & events. Marketing of over 150 Broadway shows and organizations.

Additionally, Toby is credited with leading the Broadway theatre industry into cyberspace in the early 1990s. Currently based in Shanghai.

Chairman of Toby Simkin’s Broadway Entertainment, LLC; Senior Vice President & Executive Producer for Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment, LLC; Executive Vice President, Asia for TML Enterprises Pty. Ltd; Chairman of 沈途彬商务咨询(上海)有限公司.

Available for consulting on all things theatrical including shows and theatre venues.

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Video is a montage of highlights of Toby Simkin’s body of work from Broadway, London’s West End and globally, including shows either produced, presented, GM’d, stage managed or marketed.