Project Description

Amadeus (Brisbane)

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QTC The Queensland Theatre Company

The Queensland Theatre Company

Amadeus by Peter Shaffer from June 8 to June 26, 1982 at the S.G.I.O. Theatre for the Queensland Theatre Company.

Directed by Mick Rodger; Set Design by James Ridewood; Costume Design by Tony Tripp; Lighting Design by James Henson; Choreography by Deborah Wray; Pianist: Anthony McGill; Stage Managed by Kristin Reuter and Assistant Stage Managed by Toby Simkin and Jan Levi (Sound).

STARRING Alan Edwards (Salieri); John Allen (Mozart); Reginald Cameron; David Clendinning; Duncan Wass; Stu Cochrane; Karen Crone (Ghost of Mrs. Salieri); Peter Noble; Eugene Gilfedder; Kevin Hides; Laurence Hodge; Dudley Hogarth; Anthony McGill; Christine O’Connor; Errol O’Neill; Gillian Shergold and Darien Sticklen.

Understudies included: Barry Searle (Salieri)

by Peter Shaffer