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Brisbane Arts TheatreAnd The Big Men Fly
Arts Theatre

Lead actor in the Australian play And The Big Men Fly by Alan Hopgood from 12th of June to the 26th of July, 1980 at the Arts Theatre, on Petrie Terrace.

Directed and designed by Paul Sherman.

STARRING Toby Simkin as Achilles Jones (Acky)

And The Big Men Fly was about a young farmhand who is asked to play barefoot with an Aussie Rules team… Achilles Jones is discovered on his lonely farm near Manangatang kicking wheatbags around, as it saves him dragging them. The talent scout of the Galahs, a struggling AFL football team, plucks him from obscurity and soon he is kicking footballs and rocketing the team to victory in the Grand Final. I was likely cast as Acky since I was the only one they could find that agreed to wear such tight, short, shorts, and since I had just finished a minor role as a footman at the same theatre in the The Sleeping Prince.