Project Description

Damn Yankees (Toronto)

Damn Yankees by George Abbott & Douglass Wallop with words and music by Richard Adler & Jerry Ross, based on the novel “The Year The Yankees Won The Pennant” by Douglass Wallop at the Royal Alexandra Theatre, 260 King St. West, Toronto from July 16 – September 3, 1988, produced by Ed & David Mirvish, in association with the Marlene Smith Group.

Producer: Marlene Smith; Directed & Choreographed by Madeline Paul; Musical Direction by Mark Hukezalie; Set Design & Costume Design by Michael Egan; Lighting Design by Stephen Ross; Dance Captain: Glen Kotyk; Stage Managed by Donna McLaurin and Assistant Stage Managed by Toby Simkin.

STARRING Davis Gaines (Joe Hardy); Moira Walley (Lola); Avery Saltzman (Mr. Applegate); James Hobson (Joe Boyd); Maida Rogerson (Meg Boyd); Denise Fergusson (Sister); Diane Fabian (Doris); Michael Fawkes (Van Buren); Gerry Salsberg (Sohovik); Larry Mannell (Rocky); Lee MacDougall (Smokey); Pamela Gerrand (Gloria); George Merner (Welch); George Pothitos (Lynch); Dorothy Jordan-Naylor (Miss Weston ); Terrence Slater (Commissioner); Victor Sutton (Postmaster); Brad Cormier (Eddie ) and ballplayers, baseball fans, singers and dancers including Michael Arnold; Sergio Trujillo; Lloyd Adams; Patric A. Creelman; Christine Donato; Eileen Farrell; Stephen Foster; David Koch; Lorena Mackenzie; Todd Noel; Lea Parrell; Kathryn Akin; Kelly Margaret Bodanis; Brenda Rundle and Richard Smith.

WITH Eileen Farrell (Swing); Michael Fawkes (understudy for Joe Boyd); Glen Kotyk (Swing); Larry Mannell (understudy for Mr.