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Demolition Job (QTC Brisbane) [Program] Cover

QTC The Queensland Theatre Company

Demolition Job
The Queensland Theatre Company Tangent Productions

Stage Manager & Sound Designer for Demolition Job by Gordon Graham from November 3 to 20, 1982 at the Edward Street Theatre, Brisbane for The Queensland Theatre Company Tangent Productions.

The lives of Roy and Quentin cross twice — in school days they were bully and victim, now, with the demolition of the old primary school in a shabby and deprived neighborhood, they meet again.  While Quentin exorcises the old daemons which have haunted him remorsefully, the realization is forced upon Roy that his life has been a downward spiral since the heady days when he exercised raw, though cruel, power as king of the kids.

Directed & Designed by Duncan Wass, Stage Managed & sound Design by Toby Simkin, Lighting Design by James Henson and Props by Gary Cameron.

Starring John Walton (Roy), Kevin Hides (Kelvin) and Barry Searle (Quentin).

Demolition Job