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Demolition Job (QTC Brisbane) [Program] Cover

QTC The Queensland Theatre Company

Demolition Job
The Queensland Theatre Company Tangent Productions

Stage Manager & Sound Designer for Demolition Job by Gordon Graham from November 3 to 20, 1982 at the Edward Street Theatre, Brisbane for The Queensland Theatre Company Tangent Productions.

The lives of Roy and Quentin cross twice — in school days they were bully and victim, now, with the demolition of the old primary school in a shabby and deprived neighborhood, they meet again.  While Quentin exorcises the old daemons which have haunted him remorsefully, the realization is forced upon Roy that his life has been a downward spiral since the heady days when he exercised raw, though cruel, power as king of the kids.

Directed & Designed by Duncan Wass, Stage Managed & sound Design by Toby Simkin, Lighting Design by James Henson and Props by Gary Cameron.

Starring John Walton (Roy), Kevin Hides (Kelvin) and Barry Searle (Quentin).

Demolition Job

Demolition Job (QTC Brisbane) [Poster]