Project Description

Debbie Travis’ Facelift at LollyGag (TV)

Co-Producer of a one hour TV special for BBC of Debbie Travis’ Facelift — in honor of DJ Wizniak.  Written and Hosted by Debbie Travis.  Produced by Whalley Abbey Media and Facelift Production in association with LollyGag Enterprises Inc. / Toby Simkin.

Directed by Catherine Pilon, Designed by Anne Cote, Landscape Design by Kim Nakatawase, Lighting by Hugo Roy and Alexis Marcoux, Sound by Jean Asslin, Makeup by Marielle St-Laurent, Hair by Donato Ramondo.

This involved months of preparation and planning and culminating in surprise reunion, birthday party and renovation of one our barns at LollyGag (on the New York/Quebec border).

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LollyGag Facelift happened on the New York / Quebec border on the July 4th weekend of 2003, with an amazing transformation of our old milk barn, fondly called “Woop Woop” was lovingly recreated as a spectacular garden retreat – a summer dining & lounging cottage as a birthday surp