Project Description

Broadway Musical Hello, Dolly! at the Queensland Theatre Company

QTC The Queensland Theatre Company

Hello, Dolly!
Queensland Theatre Co.

I was ASM for Hello, Dolly!, music and lyrics by Jerry Herman, book by Michael Stewart from February 2 to 27, 1982 at the SGIO Theatre, Brisbane for the Queensland Theatre Company.

Directed by Alan Edwards; Musical Direction by Brian Stacey; Choreography by Hugh Munro; Set Design by James Ridewood; Costume Design by Peter Cooke; Lighting Design by James Henson; Assistant to the Director: Gregory Gesch; Stage Managed by Sussanne Humphries and Assistant Stage Managed by Jan LeviToby Simkin; Sound Operated by Les Alberts; Repetiteur Philip Robertson; Assistant Choreography and Dance Captain Paul Atthow.

Starring Sheila Bradley (Dolly Gallagher Levi), Karen Crone (Ernestina), Stephen Haddan (Ambrose Kemper), Billy Forsythe (Horse, Band, Waiter, Polka Dancer), Terry Walduck (Horse, Band, Waiter, Polka Dancer), Paul Atthow (Coachman, Band, Polka Dancer), Rachel Crompton (Child), Danny Havas (Child), Jeff Ahern (Band,Waiter), Chris Maver (Band, Waiter, Polka Dancer), Dale Pengelly (Band,Shop Mover, Waiter, Policeman), David Clendinning (Horace Vandergelder), Barbara Fawcett (Ermengarde), Duncan Wass (Cornelius Hackl), Hugh Munro (Barnaby Tucker), Kevin Hides (Customer, Passer By, Stanley, Paper Hanger), Darien Sticklen (Customer, Passer By, Cook, The Judge), Anthony McGill (Instant Glee Club, Cook, Policeman), Peter Noble (Instant Glee Club, Head Waiter Rudolph), Mark Penman (Instant Glee Club, Cook, The Court Recorder), Sean Riordan (Instant Glee Club, Cook, Policeman), Christine O’Connor (Minnie Fay), Vicki Burns (Passer By), Margery Forde (Passer By, Polka Dancer), Petah Burns (Irene Molloy), Eugene Gilfedder (Shop Mover, Policeman), Kate Richter (Mrs Rose & Opera Guild Lady), Lesley Blanning (Polka Dancer), Sally Robertson (Polka Dancer), and Phyllis Wass (Polka Dancer).

Understudies included Karen Crone (Dolly Gallagher Levi), Darien Sticklen (Horace Vandergelder), Eugene Gilfedder (Cornelius Hackl), Chris Maver (Barnaby Tucker), Margery Forde (Irene Molloy), Vicki Burns (All other women’s roles) and David Napier (All other men’s roles).

Orchestra conducted by Brian Stacey, and included Tom Coyle.