Project Description

Live! Singapore (Singapore)

Moderator and speaker at the 2011 Live! Singapore Global Performing Arts Conference at the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore.

The topic was: The Need for an Asian Touring Network – How can it Work — Only by coming together as a collective group of Asian presenters is it possible to present better shows, at a lower cost, with far greater return on investment and market outreach. With a network of presenters agreeing to book shows in a pre-determined continuous booking schedule, the power of negotiation moves towards the presenters, who can negotiate better guarantee/co-producing deals; audiences get bigger, better shows sooner, and producers sell more weeks, reducing remount and transit costs. It’s a win-win-WIN! How can this be achieved?

  • Moderator: Toby Simkin, Theatrical Producer & Theatre Consultant, China
  • Maria Chiu, Deputy Director National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center, Taiwan
  • Tim Lawson, COE TML Enterprises, Australia
  • Kyu Choi, Creative Producer, AsiaNow Productions, Korea