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Outside Edge (QTC Brisbane) [Poster]

QTC The Queensland Theatre Company

Outside Edge
The Queensland Theatre Company

Production Assistant for Outside Edge by Richard Harris from September 12 to 27, 1980, at the S.G.I.O. Theatre, Brisbane, for the Queensland Theatre Company.

Director (umpire): Alan Edwards; Designer (pavilion maintained by): Graham Maclean; Costume Designer (flannels & other gear by): Beverley Hill; Lighting Designer (sunshine provided by): Jamie Henson; Stage Manager (team manager): Rowan Pryor; Assistant Stage Manager: Gary Cameron; Production Assistant: Toby Simkin.

STARRING Duncan Wass (Roger ; Judith Fisher (Miriam); David Goddard (Bob); David Clendinning (Dennis); Norman Hodges (Kevin); Lynne Porteous (Maggie); Kaye Stevenson (Ginnie); Terry Brady (Alex) & Dale Murison (Sharon) with understudies Geoffrey Cartwright & Gaynor Wensley

Outside Edge
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