Project Description

Rent (London)

Jonathan Larson’s RENT original West End production previewed April 21st 1998, opened on May 12th 1998 and closed on October 30th 1999 at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London largely utilizing the same team as its Broadway production.

Directed by Michael Greif with choreography by Marlies Yearby, sets by Paul S Clay, costumes by Angele Wendt, lighting by Blake Burba and sound by Steve Canyon Kennedy and Jon Weston.

The original West End cast for the London production included Anthony Rapp as ‘Mark’, Adam Pascal as ‘Roger’, Krysten Cummings as ‘Mimi’ and Wilson Jermaine Heredia as ‘Angel’ with Bonny Lockhart as ‘Benny’, Jessica Tezier as ‘Maureen’, Jacqui Dubois as ‘Joanne’ and Jesse L Martin as ‘Tom Collins’.


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