Project Description

The Rocky Horror Show (Singapore & Tour)

As VP of Asia Pacific for TML and Executive Producer for Richard O’Brien’s ROCKY HORROR SHOW opened at The Esplanade Theatre, Singapore on January 5, 2011 and closed on January 16, 2011 — the first time to have the full live show in Singapore (previously banned due to morals laws).

Produced by TML Enterprises Pty Ltd., presented by MediaCorp VizPro International. Produced by Tim Lawson and Executive Producer: Toby Simkin.

Director: Christopher Luscombe; Associate Director: Michael Howcroft; Choreographer: Jenny Arnold; Set Designer: Janet Bird; Costume Designer: Sue Blane; Associate Costume Designer: Christopher Pope; Wig Designer: Darren Ware; Lighting Designer: Nick Richings; Associate Lighting Designer: Jeremy Duncan; Shadow Puppet Designer: Mervyn Millar; Musical Arrangements: Richard Hartley; Additional Musical Arrangements: Simon Beck and Musical Supervisor: Robert Gavin

STARRING Juan Jackson (Frank); Haley Flaherty (Janet); Richard Meek (Brad); Kristian Lavercombe (Riff Raff); Kara Lane (Magenta); Caitlin Pugh (Columbia); Mark Simpson (Eddie/Doctor Scott); Lucas Glover (Rocky); Nick Christo (Phantom); Vincent HooperDaniela Valvano and Angela Scundi (Phantom (Swing) and Hossan Leong (Narrator),

WITH ORCHESTRA Guitar: Daniel Chai; Dru