Project Description

Three Grams of a Dream

Producer of the 2012 multiple award-winning Three Grams of a Dream (三克的梦想) written by Chen You Kang 陈友康, widescreen color in Mandarin (with Cantonese, English and Korean subtitles),

Directed by Chen You Kang 陈友康 and Zhang Jiang 张江 for Gravy Boat Film Studio.

Produced by Toby Simkin.

Starring  Peng Jia Ye 彭嘉烨, Danni Wang 汪丹妮, Ye Xian Jie 叶仙杰, Peng Cheng Chi 彭承炽  and Chen Jing Long 陈靖龙.

A little boy’s wisdom, persistence and love.  In the Chinese countryside, Ben (Peng Jia Ye), a 6 year old boy lives with his mother (Danni Wang) and grandfather (Peng Cheng Chi). Ben and his friend Zhou Qi (Ye Xian Jie) watch a table tennis competition on a communal village TV, and Ben’s dreams begin. Playing table tennis is in Ben’s heart, but he cannot bring himself to ask his poor mother for money to buy the balls and rackets. In order to make his dream come true…

一个孩子的智慧,坚持与爱.  故事发生在中国偏远的农村,父亲在外打工,6岁的小本和母亲、爷爷相依为命,有一天小本和同学周奇在小卖铺里看乒乓球比赛,屏幕上出现的画面在小本的心里产生了极具的吸引力。从此,打上乒乓球已经成为了小本心中追逐的梦想,可他不想轻而易举地向妈妈开口要求买球和球拍。为了实现自己的梦想…