RMS Titanic: Passengers, Crew, Provisions, Statistics & Photos of 1912

July 14th, 1996|News, Reference, Travel, Videos, World|

Titanic, the largest ship ever built at the time, bound for New York on the night of April 14th, collided with an iceberg 400 miles SE of Newfoundland, at 11.45 pm, and then sank in water 2 miles deep 2½ hours later. Just over 1,500 souls drowned (comprising an estimated 815 passengers & 688 crew) while 705 people were rescued by RMS Carpathia.

Guest of the USSR (now Russia)

January 23rd, 1992|Reference, Theatrical, Travel, Videos, World|

On 25 December 1991, Soviet President Gorbachev, resigned, declared his office extinct & handed over its powers to Russian President Yeltsin. The USSR was becoming the Russian Federation. Tank tracks were in the streets. The state bank collapsed. The ruble was worthless. Food was scarce. Poverty was rapidly on the rise. The ground was icy and the temperature freezing cold. DJ and I were there.