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Contact Toby Simkin

Please note that Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, FaceTime Audio and most other western messenger services are blocked within China, although we can access Facebook pages occasionally using secret technologies.

WeChat QR code for BroadwayProducerIs your enquiry about TICKET REQUESTS? or SCRIPT SUBMISSIONS?

For other enquiries not about tickets or scripts, please either send a message via WeChat or email:

微信公众号 WeChat is preferred. BroadwayProducer or scan the QR code on this page.

Email is the backup…

If mailing or couriering to China, please print, cut and affix this label to the package for local Chinese deliveries to find the correct address:
Shipping Mailing Label Toby Simkin
Please note that all packages go through customs inspection in China.  
◊ DO NOT include any video or audio (VHS, BETA, DVD, CD etc…).  
◊ Do NOT write “sample” anywhere on the package.  
◊ Most packages should be simply marked as “Documents” with a declared value of USD $1.

To digitally transfer large files, I recommend using

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