For DJ & Jones’ birthdays, I organized an around the world holiday from Shanghai to Dubai to Kuwait to Cairo to Alexandria to Aswan — then sail the Nile River for a week to Luxor – back to Cairo, onward to Saudi Arabia then Toronto and home.  The trip was designed to be 5-star luxury, to visit these places with private guides, private transport and in style.  The ITINERARY BOOK I prepared includes all the detail, plus sightseeing research, but some photo highlights below, along with the ‘gift’ video.

The Video Gift

The Highlights

Travel Notes

Day 1: Dubai – long day of flights via BKK… welcomed in Dubai by terrible chaos at immigration lines and then fabulous clean fresh air. Hotel is great. Time to relax!

Day 2: Dubai – relax and hang around the pool at hotel to acclimatize to heat in preparation for Egypt. Lovely day of nothing.

Day 3: Dubai – little bit of work, brunch, swim & drink, then night shopping at the gold souk (bazaar)… looking forward to leaving the Pudong of the Middle East tomorrow!

Day 4: Dubai to Kuwait to Cairo – fun brunch mtg in Dubai, lunch in Kuwait, dinner in Cairo. Fairmont Hotel on the Nile is great.. upgrades to suites thanks to Accor. Cairo is cool!

Day 5: Cairo – Great Pyramids, Sphinx & sheesha pipes and camels and fabulous local lunch and such interesting views in every direction

Day 6: Alexandria – Catacombs, Citadel, Cairo opera house, local living and fabulous lentil soup with fresh breads… plus a little typical Egyptian organized chaos at end of day.

Day 7: Cairo – Amazing Egyptian museum, hall of mummies, King Tut, history, Mosques, local life and Souk shopping . Brilliant day.

Day 8: Aswan in south Egypt – got to our 2 suites on the ultra luxury cruise ship – only 4 other passengers & we have 66 five-star lovely crew.  Heaven. Seriously heaven. I mean truly heaven.  The last temple of Ancient Egypt, Philae Temple, including the last hieroglyph and then I captained falluca sailboat up the Nile.

Day 9: Aswan to Edfu – cruise up to Kom Ombo Temple and onto Edfu city with fascinating views of the Nile and great dinner on deck with other passengers.

Day 10: Sailing the Nile River – Temple of Edfu, sail through Esna Lock, Luxor and Luxor (Thebes) temple at night plus a fabulous sunset.

Day 11: Luxor: Private tour of Valley of the Kings, Pharaoh King Tut, Pharaoh Ramses IV tomb, Deir el-Medina tomb workers village (worlds first hutong) — all with no other tourists, local Egyptian lunch & swimming/drinking

Day 12: Whirling dirvish last night then private solo tour of Karnak Temple (no other tourists) and Nile River cruise to Qena seeing local laundry on the nile, drying wheat and relaxing aboard luxury ship while DJ shops.  Nice benefit when you are the ONL