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Shanghai Gay Bar LollipopA local gay bar at the virtual epicenter of the Gayborhood with a turbulent history, initially starting out in around 2007 as “Transit Lounge” by a local gay Chinese entrepreneur and his foreign boyfriend/investor — moving Transit Lounge from the XingGuo Mansion to this location at twice the size of the current iteration.  Changed hands to the Japanese bartender at the time taking control in about 2008, business then slowly subsided, before being taken over again and re-branded as “Lollipop” and cutting the size in half.  This iteration by poor misguided management and staff quickly established itself with a bad reputation in the gay expat community, and business died a death.

Taken over again in about 2017/2018, but this time, quietly regaining its position growing back to friendly gay space, largely due to its new Chinese owner who is virtually fluent in English, and is uber social with all expats from all corners of the earth.   Indeed, his bilingual fluency and respect for foreign customers catapults his bar ahead of the majority of others.

Today, Lollipop is a preferred spot for in-the-know Chinese & local expats seeking an alternative to the general craziness of the Shanghai gay scene.  Customers are generally a good mix of ethnicity, age, size, language and friendly levels.  Beer, simple mixed drinks, cocktails and shooters are the drinks of day.  Unlike most other gayborhood bars, Lollipop uses a professional cash register, with fixed pricing, offering (non fapiao) receipts which gives expats a great sense of relief