Happy New Year ... good riddance and fuck-off to 2020

Hoping for a Happy New Year 2021

Wishing us all a return to commonsense, prosperity, happiness, laughter, health, unity & joy in 2021, commencing with the beginning of the end on January 20th.

I say good riddance and fuck-off to 2020’s

  • uncontrolled COVID-19;
  • MAGA madness;
  • deadly floods;
  • killer hurricanes;
  • Iranian shoot-down of the Ukrainian passenger jet;
  • USA utter lack of gun control;
  • plagues of locusts;
  • dramatic rise of white supremacy in USA;
  • earthquakes;
  • India vs China conflict;
  • ice storms;
  • lunatic anti-vaxxers;
  • lockdown rioting;
  • USA systemic racism;
  • BREXIT madness;
  • Calabasas helicopter crash;
  • USA COVID-19 death toll;
  • Australian bushfires;
  • Broadway & West End closure;
  • destructive tornados;
  • multiple assassinations;
  • lunatic conspiracy theorists;
  • Tokyo Olympics cancellation;
  • bankruptcies;
  • immigration detentions;
  • increase in suicides;
  • Australian hail storms;
  • Covidiot protesting;
  • dramatic USA unemployment and lack of benefits;
  • California wildfires;
  • Presidential election nightmare;
  • USA general distress by majority of population;
  • antics and poor leadership by Aussie ScoMo & Brit Boris;
    and of course…
  • Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Pence, McConnell, Rubio & Giuliani.

COVID-19 Timeline from inside China:

Jan 20, 2021: dueling inaugurations:

Now the hard work continues:

My Parody Broadway Posters: