Triple Screw Steamer TSS Titanic | Royal Mail Steamer RMS Titanic (1912)

RMS Titanic

Titanic Broadway MusicalIn 1996, as part of the lead-up to a key project for the Broadway musical Titanic in 1997, I spent 6 months researching and compiling the world’s largest (at the time) historical archive and library of RMS Titanic information online from multiple sources and compiling a comprehensive database of all passenger detail (from immigration records & passenger manifests) and ships crew (from White Star Line manifests and newspaper archives) along with transcribing the cargo hold provisions and food orders. Each character in the musical was mapped to the original real life person to assist character development.

Further, I curated news articles sources and images from various newspapers as company background and marketing support. The database and scanned image collection was so comprehensive (about 2,200 pages) that the forthcoming Titanic film (directed by James Cameron) 20th Century Fox producers asked permission to use.

Here below is just a tad of the highlights of this information.