On September 11, 2001, DJ and I were working and living in New York.  My office at The Broadway Archive was located in a building at the base of the North Tower, at 30 West Broadway.  I slept in that Tuesday morning, and woke to news of the attack starting.  My office was cut in half, and I was first allowed back into the site 2 days after the attack to retrieve essential things.  Later I had several visits to the site to retrieve more.  DJ’s cousin who was in the North Tower died that day, along with a friend who managed Windows on the World at the top of WTC 1.  2 days prior, I had taken my father to the building and took photos of him looking up the towers.



Thank-you for your thoughts.  What a wonderful outpouring from friends from around the world concerned about us.  We truly appreciate and were touched by your concern.

For those that have tried to call, thanks for trying, but only a small percentage of calls are getting through to us even in NJ.  Both of us will be downtown again all day tomorrow. Unfortunately, since phones don’t work, it’s weird and eerie being so out of communication.

We are all safe, Gizmo and Rocky included. Fortunately, we had a power blackout on Tuesday morning, my alarm clock did not go off, and I slept in -by the time I was preparing to leave for my world trade centre office for a regular Tuesday morning staff meeting, I heard of the disaster.

DJ was already downtown, but fortunately, he was on 39th street, a fair way from the world trade centre, although he saw the smoke, and smelt it.  He called me at home to let me know.

DJ then spent the next 7 hours getting out of Manhattan, with everything sealed, he caught a ferry to Hoboken, prior to the ferries being commandeered as emergency hospital boats to move the injured to NJ hospitals.  From Hoboken, he hitched a ride on the back of a pickup truck with others from the area, then walked to Newark, then caught a lift from Newark to home.

I have spent the better part of the day trying to account for all our staff, and neighbors, which are all now reported safe.

My office a