Wuhan, abbreviated to “Han”, the capital of Hubei Province, is the largest city in Central China. Located on two rivers of the Yangtze (Changjiang), the second longest river in the world, and Hanshui, it has the nick-name, “City on Rivers”.

The city’s long history dates back 3,500 years. For centuries, this city has been the center of trade and transportation in central China. The city is perhaps most famous for its pivotal role in the formation of modern China.

Wuhan is a typical garden city, having around 100 mountains and hills and as many as 200 lakes. The water area accounts for 1/4 of the city’s total land area. Wuhan is a famous historical and cultural city.  Wuhan is also the cradle of Jing-Chu Culture.

After the introduction of the policies of Reform and Opening-Up, Wuhan saw many great changes, among them the rapid development of the tourist industry.